The causes of sweaty hands and how to stop sweaty hands, the sweaty feet have also been discussed. Permanent, fast and natural stopping of sweaty hands when nervous, gaming and holding objects.

sweaty hands

how to stop sweaty hands

Why Do I Have Sweaty Hands?

Excessive and uncontrollable sweating of the hands is known as palmar hyperhidrosis. This medical condition is an annoying and embarrassing that strips one of confidence.

Ranging from ruined class work to slippery handshakes, the problem of sweaty palms can be of negative impact in your social life including education and career. It has the greatest effect on dermatologic condition which is a proven fact that is already published in several medical publications.

It is normal to experience sweat on your body and you need to know how to stop sweaty hands. But some people may experience excessive sweating to the point that water in form of sweat may literally drip from their hands.

Normally, the production of sweat starts from the sweat glands that produce perspiration which is carried to the surface of the skin especially when the air temperatures seems to be rising, or you are exercising. But when such factors are not an issue during the moment, then the signal for sweating is put on hold.

For the small population that experience this kind of a problem, the sweat glands completely fail to shut off. They continuously call for the action even under circumstances that don’t require. The causes of hyperhidrosis- sweaty palms, it is dependent on the type of sweating occurring but mostly the sweating is harmless.

The situation can even be confusing to the doctors who at times don’t know why some people sweat so much, in other cases, the reasons behind the condition can be a medical condition that you need to know.

Secondary hyperhidrosis

Generalized hyperhidrosis is caused by several factors that includes certain types of cancer, disturbances of the endocrine system and many others;


A variety of cancers has been associated with the complications of secondary hyperhidrosis that includes lymphoma, carcinoid tumors and the tumors that are within the thoracic cavity


Certain conditions of the endocrine are known to cause secondary hyperhidrosis including development of the diabetes mellitus that is caused when blood sugars are low and various forms that come out of thyroid disease.


Use of various inhibitors is a common cause of medication that induces secondary hyperhidrosis. Other medications that are associated with secondary hyperhidrosis may include insulin and anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands Fast

  • The initial and first line of defense and how to stop sweaty hands is by the use of antiperspirants. It is true that you can apply this form of defense on your hands. This form is non-invasive and topical, they can be found in different strengths as over the counter products in medical stores. The next step is to try the mildest formulation if can offer a relief to the problem. If it persists, then use stronger formulations that optimizes the effectiveness and minimize irritation.
  • Perspirants might also not enough solution to the problem. Try to know how to stop sweaty hands by the use of iontopherosis. This has proved a success rate of about 83% according to the published medical studies in the journals for people with the problem of sweaty palms and feet. Here, a medical device is used in perform iontopherosis in a medical facility or at home by utilizing pans of water in a mild electric current passed through the surface of the skin. It is believed that the mild electric current and mineral particles in the water work together to microspically thicken the layer of the skin especially the outer layer thus blocking the flow of sweat to the skin surface. Once this sweat output is blocked then the production of sweat is suddenly turned off.
  • Another treatment option available on how to stop sweaty hands is by the use of botox. A professional medical doctor can inject botox into the palms to dramatically reduce the sweating though the injections can be painful at times for most people. But the pain is nowadays reduced by the medical doctors who are turning to a simple icing or the vibration technique though it is believed that it is a potential drawback to the treatment of sweaty hands
  • Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is always used on how to stop sweaty hands as one of the last resort for people who have used the above mentioned forms unsuccessfully and thus have to seek alternative action. This method however, has risks that are associated with it, one of such side effect is the compensatory sweating which causes irreversible sweating on large parts of the body and the method thus can only be applied in severe and rare cases after all other alternative actions have failed
  • How to stop sweaty hands surgery can also be used for people with severe sweating problems in their hands and underarms. This procedure may involve removal of sweat glands from the area

How to Stop Sweaty Hands Naturally

The quick remedies for sweaty hands are as outlined;

  • How to stop sweaty hands by washing the hands; normally, sweaty hands tend not to dry on their own, they will have to be washed more often than it is mostly done so as to keep them dry. Wash them whenever the amount of sweat is bothering you and then thoroughly dry them off using a clean towel or a clean piece of cloth.

If you are not washing tem up for taking a meal or even after using the bathroom, it is recommended that you use plain water than the soapy one in washing of the hands. This way makes you to avoid drying out the skin that is on the back side of the hands from using too much soap.

Use alcohol based sanitizer and not the antibacterial for the periods that you cannot get to the sink for washing of the hands. A small squirt of alcohol will temporarily dry up the sweat from your hands.

Carry a piece of cloth that you can always use to wash the hands and wipe them off when needed. Use them especially in situations that you expect to shake hands with someone.

  • How to stop sweaty hands by cooling off the hands; many people get sweaty hands when their bodies are getting more heat than normal, thus cooling the bodies is the most effective solution. Hold the hands in front of an air conditioner to dry the moisture and thus slowing down the production of sweat.

To cool the hands off quickly when you are not at home, find the nearest bathroom and run the hands under cold water and ensure to dry them thoroughly using a clean paper towel.

Avoid getting too hot in the first place, avoid things like use of heater unless it is very required for use and also turn off the thermostat in the room.

  • How to stop sweaty hands by avoiding using of items that causes more sweating to occur; keep the hands free of clothing and ant other products that inhibit the flow of the air and thus causing the hands to stay moist most of the time, the hand do not get the chance to dry. Avoid the following things as much as possible;

The gloves and other items that covers your hand. Only wear them when the outside is freezing but avoiding wearing of the gloves indoors or at situations where they are not necessary. They are only important if you intend to hide the sweatiness of the hands but they will keep the hands very warm that they will start to sweat more than usual.

The petroleum based products of lotions as well as other skin products. The jelly is well used by people who experience dry skin to be able to seal in the moisture and the same has the same effect on the sweaty skin. This jelly is able to prevent the sweat from drying and can make the hands to become greasy. The same happens for coconut oil and other cosmetic oils that hold the moisture against the skin.

  • How to stop sweaty hands by staying relaxed; sometimes the excessive perspiration is caused by increased anxiety and stress. Always practice meditation, yoga or any other activity that assists in reducing of stress and prevention of the sweat glands from overworking.

Avoid thinking of certain problems that bothers thus making your body to sweat, then think of a solution and tackle it as required. If you need assistance, then consider talking to your psychological counselor.

For a faster remedy to problems that are related to anxiety, take a few breaths after closing your eyes. Try to be very calm in mind and how you will go about your day.

The obvious solution to the problem of sweating is in the control of anxiety as well as stress. The doctor is able to discuss the anxieties that you might be facing in life and thus suggest ways that you can use to deal with them.

  • How to stop sweaty hands by taking of oral medication; there are several medications that can be used to stop sweating as a side effect, doctors are therefore free to prescribe them in treating of excessive sweating in the hands.

This might be a good choice especially if you are not an athlete but you are an active person. It might also be dangerous to interfere with your body’s production of sweat as the functions that sweat serves might be interfered with also including cooling of the body

when it becomes heated from the exercise. Remember that this drugs can also cause dry mouth as a side effect.

Just like any other surgical operation that has risks is this procedure band the risks should not be undertaken lightly.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands When Holding Hands

How to stop sweaty hands by use of sympathectomy; the procedure involves the surgical removal of the nerves from inside the chest, permanently disrupting the nerve signal that controls the sweating. The surgery is usually considered as the last resort as half of the cases that the body compensates by overproducing sweat in the different area. The sweating in the hands might at tomes go away but you may experience increased amount of sweating on the back or even in any other area.

If you wish to undergo this procedure, find a doctor who has an experience in the area. Do not risk by using someone who has no experience before.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands When Nervous

How to stop sweaty hands by use of antiperspirant; try using an antiperspirant on the hands as they are used in the underarm, the same chemicals that prevent the sweating of the armpits from sweating can also help the hand too.

Choose the antiperspirant that is not scented and with clinical strength that contains aluminium zirconium that is very effective

Stronger antiperspirant with more chemicals are also available for best prescription and it will be best if you are advised by your doctor if it will be necessary.

How to Stop Your Hands from Sweating While Gaming

How to stop sweaty hands by sprinkling of powder on the hands; if you are at a place that you can access a little powder. The hands might look a little white but sprinkling of the powder on the hands will temporarily absorb the moisture. This can be done together if your hands are involved in daily activities like lifting of the weights and jumping of ropes and other chores that require a tight grip. Try using the baby powder, whether scented or unscented. You can also use baking soda or corn starch.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands and Feet

How to stop sweaty hands by use of iontopherosis; the procedure involves the use of water to send the electrical current under the skin that temporarily prevents the sweating from happening.

  • During this procedure, the hands are fully submerged in water while an electrical current is sent through the water. You may feel a tingling sensation but the procedure is generally painless.
  • The procedure kits are also available for use at home. Talk to the doctor about purchasing one of the kits so that you can use it any time
  • This treatment is available through few hospital physiotherapy departments but more hospitals are start to acquire the equipment and the doctor might confirm the local availability of the equipment.
  • The procedure involves placing of the hands in the bath of tap water through which a very small electrical current is passed for about 15 minutes. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable and tingling with a burning sensation and skin irritation is likely to occur. Do not undergo the procedure if you are pregnant or having a heart pacemaker.
  • At first, the treatment is very few weeks thus it is a time consuming procedure but the procedure timings is gradually decreased to once after every 3 to 4 weeks. If the procedure is well with you, then you can consider buying the equipment for use at home. The equipment is however very expensive and thus get the opinion of the physiotherapist

How to Stop Your Hands from Sweating Permanently

Botulinum toxin injections; botox injections that are often used in smoothening of the wrinkles in the face can equally be used in blocking of the nerves in prevention of the sweat. However, this injections can be very painful and they only stop excessive sweating for temporary period of time.

This substance will stop and or substantially reduce the amount of sweat of the palms for a long period of time say 6 months. However, the major problem with this treatment is that some people experience hand muscle weakness for several weeks after the treatment has been administered. It is for this reason that specialists are very reluctant in the use of this treatment on the skin.

This procedure is also used in the control of excess heating and sweating under the arms but with a high success rate of 95% in drying of the sweaty hands. The result for drying of the hands is immediate.

The long term effects of this procedure is appealing and most of the people find it good, after about 14 years about 75% are still satisfied with the results, but it also has a major drawback in that the body may compensate by increasing sweating elsewhere which is usually around the trunk or the feet thus swapping sweaty hand for sweaty trunk and feet. This happens up to three quarters of the people who have had the operation. This kind of sweating may end up very severe and they end up regretting the operation but the operation cannot be reversed.


Hyperhidrosis can bring about several effects like cold and clammy hands, skin infections that is secondary to macerations of the skin. It can also have emotional effects on the individual life of a person.

The affected people are very aware of the condition and they try to modify their lifestyle to accommodate the problem. This is very disabling professional and social life thus causing embarrassments. Many routine tasks can result in an increased level of sweating that can be emotionally affecting this individuals.

Excessive sweating can interfere with many routine activities like securely grasping the objects. Some sufferers may reach a level where they will avoid having contact with others.

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