Stretch Marks on Breasts

Causes of Stretch Marks on Breasts, Removal Creams and Treatment

What causes stretch marks on the breasts? Get more insight on the causes of stretch marks on the breast and the various possible solutions for removal and prevention. The article has also explored on the best creams and lotions for the stretch marks on the breast removal.


Why Get Stretch Marks on the Breasts

Stretch Marks on Breasts

Many people especially women experience stretch marks on the boobs as a result of several factors that will be discussed on this page. Some of the causes of stretch marks on the butts, legs, thighs, and belly are at a time what result to stretch marks on the breasts. This condition is devastating especially when it comes to wearing some of the flattering fashions like the V-neck blouses, shirts, and dresses.

One day I went to an evening dinner where many friends were hosted. The place was made live with a music band. On my far opposite, I saw a lady who was in lonely and she made many questions blew in my head. I became curious and moved closer to engage her in a conversation. She looked attractive with a scarf around her neck.

A new song made everyone to jump and begin dancing in pairs. She felt shy dancing with me and unfortunately, the scarf fell on the floor. What I saw really humbled me and I understood why she was in that state. Initially, I thought she had tattooed her breast, my comment “You tattooed your breasts?” lead her to tears. She finally explained to me that they were stretch marks.

I really felt sorry about such a young flattering woman having stretch marks on her breasts. The kind of consultation I gave her on the causes of stretch marks on breasts and the possible removal methods seemed a blessing to her. She responded as though she had seen a God sent an angel to help her. Our conversation kept revolving around the following.


What Causes Stretch Marks on Breasts

causes of Stretch Marks on Breasts

I responded to some of her questions with all the professionalism in dealing with skin cosmetic problems. She found it interesting and she listens carefully. Some of the causes I managed to narrate to her include the following.

  • Pregnancy causes the stretching of the skin hence one of the possible cause for the stretch marks forming on the breasts. This is the period when the body is likely to gain more weight hence as result causing stretching of the skin beyond its elasticity.
  • Breast stretch marks can be inherited similarly to any other type. When your mother has the genes responsible for stretch marks, then she is likely to transfer them to the children.
  • At the attainment of puberty, body parts in teenagers develop including the increase in the size of the boobs. The attained weight causes the skin to strain and stretch as well.
  • Some other causes of stretch marks on breasts are related to health problems. For example, Cushing’s syndrome can cause the formation of pink and purple stretch marks on the breasts.
  • The high rate of body dehydration can cause the skin to dry and become susceptible to stretch marks. This mostly happens among people who do not take sufficient amounts of water.
  • Other causes of stretch marks on breasts include breastfeeding and weight loss after pregnancy.
  • Insufficient exercises can result to formation of stretch marks. Exercises are necessary for ensuring the burning of excess fat deposits underneath the skin.
  • For some people, the body might undergo hormonal changes that can result in triggering off the adrenal gland conditions. This can be observed by the formation of stretch marks on thighs, legs, underarms and even the breasts.
  • Breast Implants or argumentation can also cause stretch marks formation due to relatively increase in size of the breasts.

In summary, breasts stretch marks occur under the following circumstances

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Puberty  attainment
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Hormonal changes
  • Hereditary factors.

Having known the various causes of stretch marks on breasts we went further to talk about the various methods on how to remove stretch marks on breasts. This was the peak of the topic and more attention was to be given.


Methods and Ways on How to Remove Stretch Marks on the Breasts

Stretch Marks on Breasts

Breasts Stretch Marks Removal Creams

Stretch marks on the breasts can be removed by the application of stretch marks on breasts products which include stretch mark creams, lotions, and moisturizers. There those which are made from natural extracts and they are not only effective in the stretch mark elimination but also safe for your skin. Some of the most popular and best creams for removal of stretch marks on the breasts include the following.


Top-Rated Creams for Stretch Marks Removal

  • Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks Cream
  • Bio Oil for Stretch Mark Removal on Breasts
  • Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter
  • Revitol Stretch Mark Cream
  • Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

Having deduced on the causes of stretch marks on breasts the manufacturers under the guidance of dermatologist came up with these products which contain ingredients like wheat germ oil, Vitamin E, Almond oil, Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid, onion extracts, Cepalin, Cantella, glycerine, Dimethicone, and cocoa butter among others.


Laser Removal for Stretch Marks on Breasts

Laser Removal for Stretch Marks on Breasts

This technology involves the use of pulsed ultraviolet light in promoting secretion of collagen and elastin fibers. Through this process, new skin cells develop replacing the scaring stretch marks. The laser stretch mark removal technology is approved by FDA as a safe way of eliminating stretch marks on the breast.

A qualified technician carries out this process. There are a few information on the causes of stretch marks on the breasts the specialist will enquire from you before signing for the laser surgery. It is a painless procedure and the cost varies depending on the size of the area being treated and the sessions to attend.


Microdermabrasion for Breast Stretch Mark Removal

This technology promotes exfoliation hence development of new skin cells. The vacuum tube device blows some fine crystals that brush away the dead skin layer that forms part of the stretch marks. Microdermabrasion for breast stretch marks removal is approved as a safe method of stretch marks removal and the application will require prior knowledge on the causes of stretch marks on the breast.


Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks on Breasts

Some causes of stretch marks on breasts can be prevented by adhering to some of the methods discussed in the related pages. While reading some of the ways on how to prevent stretch marks on breasts you will encounter solutions like the daily massage with stretch mark oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter or application of moisturizers among many more.