how to change your eye color

How to Change Your Eye Color, Naturally, Permanently, with Honey, Spell, Surgery, without Contacts, in Photoshop

Is it possible to change to change your eye color? Get insights on how to change your eye color naturally and permanently using honey.


how to change your eye color
how to change your eye color

How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally

Eye color is one of the things that someone will notice when you meet. They also show the personality of someone. The eye color of people differs. You may not be comfortable with the color of your eyes and may be you are planning on how to change your eye color. You could be thinking of how to make your eyes red, blue, green, brown or hazel.

Just like how to lighten skin naturally fast, most people are also interested in how to lighten eyes. In either way, you have to use the right procedure and ingredients.

Although it’s hard to change your eye color permanently you can slightly change the color temporarily or manage slightly on lightening the eye color. However, before you choose how to change your eye color you have to understand the following:

The color of your eyes is genetic. Each and every person has a unique eye color. Eye color is formed from a combination of matching genes from various generations that result into three major color types, that is: brown, blue and green. Brown eye color is common among many people followed by blue color then green. The eye color also changes by age. The color may lighten as you grow old.

  • The eye color is determined by melanin. When a baby is born the eyes are clear blue, this because they have not developed melanin. When you have brown eyes, your body has more melanin, green eyes are characterized by medium melanin and blue by low melanin. Therefore it is not easy to change the eye color permanently but you can slightly change it temporarily. The eye color may also lighten as you age.
  • It is not easy to change the eye color permanently naturally. If you are planning on how to change your eye color permanently then you have to undergo a surgery. The natural ways do change the eye color temporally but not permanent. Also, you have to be very careful in choosing the method to use in changing the eye color, an eye is a delicate organ, therefore, you have to be careful when altering it.
  • An immediate change of the eye color should worry you. When trying to change the eye color it should be gradual. You should not expect to sleep and wake up with changed eye color, a drastic eye color change may be a symptom of a serious illness, therefore, you have to seek medication with immediate effect.

You may be having darker eyes and you are wishing to lighten them, here are various natural ways that can help you change the eye color temporarily.

  1. Diet change. The food that you incorporate into your body determines the production of hormones. Hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin are responsible for controlling the physical response of the body organs. Such hormones cause the eye pupil to expand making the eyes to appear lighter for some time. Therefore the diet that you take does affect the color of your eyes.
  2. Change in emotions. The color of your eyes changes depending on your mood swings. When you are happy or sad your body produces a hormone that causes the pupil of the eye to expand making the eyes to be more vibrant.
  3. Drinking herbal cleanses. Herbal cleanses has the ability to change the eye color temporarily. When taken they change the hormonal level of the body causing the general body physical response to change.

How to Change Your Eye Color with Honey

Does honey change eye color? Many people are doubting if honey is appropriate in changing the eye color. It is because they don’t use the correct procedure and equipment. You have to use pure honey and bottled water, it does work. Honey has been used from the past as a natural way of treating the eyes. Therefore it is one way on how to change the eye color.

You are having darker brown eyes and you are planning on how to change your eye color to lighter brown?  You can use pure honey and water to change your eye color. You simply take an equal proportion of honey and water then you mix before you drop it into the eyes.

You can use lukewarm water, it does work better than cold water. You are required to put two to three drops of a mixture of pure honey with water into each eye twice a day. It can be done early in the morning after you have washed your face and in the evening. For better results, you are required to repeat the procedure for daily for two weeks for better results.

Does Honey Lighten Eye Color?

eye color change before and after
how to change eye color with honey

Honey has been proven to lighten eyes through various scientific testing. The ingredient can change jet-black eyes color into a medium brown and with golden light brown specs.

Although raw honey has been placed in eyes as an anti-bacterial agent and for the treatment of many eye infections, it cannot be used in the same manner for eye lightening.

Diluted honey is the best to use while on a mission to lighten your eyes. Additionally, not all types of honey are considered effective on this matter. Raw Beech honeydew is one type that can work wonders in changing your eyes color.

Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is activated when honey is diluted. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic agent that makes honey suitable for the treatment of wounds and eye infections. Hydrogen peroxide naturally inhibits melanin production and hence used for skin bleaching purposes. It, however, help in reducing the dark pigment of the eye.

CAUTION: Do not place chemically produced or laboratory hydrogen peroxide in your eyes. This is very dangerous since it can cost you eyesight.

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Diluted honey mixed with body fluids such as tears in your eyes to release hydrogen peroxide of a desirable amount for the eye. The concentration is naturally controlled to end up with safe volume. Alternatively, consult your medical doctor for advice.

Here are steps on how to lighten your eye color with honey:

  • Make distilled water.
  • Mix the raw-beech honeydew honey into the distilled warm water Luke-warm/mild warm to not destroy the enzymes. 1:1.5 honey distilled water ratio.
  • Put it into the eye dropper.
  • Put 1-3 drops several times a day on ONE eye to compare it against the other, will then add it to the other eye if it works on one eye.
  • Store in a cool-dark place away from sun-light.

Note that, when you add honey into your eyes for the first time, you will feel some eye irritation for a short while for the first days. The irritation will disappear as you get used to it. To avoid irritations you can use a hand spray to administer the honey mixture into your eyes then you wipe the one that will have gone into the rest of your face.

Things around you like the color of the clothes you are wearing, the color of buildings, face makeups and the general environment do affects the color of your eyes since they are reflected into your eyes. Therefore you have to be keen to notice the changes in the eye color when using the honey treatment. This can be done by observing your eyes keenly in a clear environment.

How to Change Your Eye Color Permanently

You are having brow eye color and you are not comfortable with it, maybe you are wondering how to change your eye color to blue. We are all having a blue eye but a thin brown layer or green covers the iris of some people making us to have different eye colors.

You can simply remove the brown layer from your eye using a method known as stroma procedure. This is a procedure that uses a low-energy laser to alter the eye color permanently from brown to blue. The stroma laser disrupts the thin brown layer on the iris making the body to initiate a natural healing mechanism.

The tissues of the iris will then heal naturally making the eye to appear blue in color permanently. The eye may appear black in the first week of the procedure then blue after the healing procedure is complete.

Your head is positioned in front of the stroma laser. The eyes are treated separately, one eye is covered and the other one is directed in a tiny light which is located in front of you. The low-energy laser then scans your iris for about 20 to 30 seconds.

The same procedure is done to the other eye and the left to heal for about one to two weeks. This procedure is only done once on the eyes.

Surgery to Change Eye Color

surgery to change eye color
how to change your eye color permanently

If you are not impressed by the color of your eyes, surgery is one of the methods on how to change your eye color permanently. Blue eye color is characterized by beauty and good look. Some people believe that they are attractive when they have blue colored eyes.

That is why most celebrities usually have the blue or green eyes obtained from the use of colored contact lenses. But nowadays there is a medical surgery that helps you have blue colored eyes permanently.

The stroma medical procedure works by eliminating a thin layer of melanin that covers the iris. This brown layer is disrupted to reveal the underneath blue layer of the eye in the natural healing process. This method is safe since a low-energy is used to perform the surgery. Also, the treatment is done on the iris and it does not enter the pupil.

The patient head is positioned in front of the stroma laser, the head is then stabilized to face a tiny light. One eye is covered then a low-energy laser scans the iris for treatment.

The same procedure is done to the other eye. This procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Before you undergo the stoma procedure, the clinical human test has to be done to establish whether you are safe for the surgery.

Change Eye Color Online

You can change the color of your eyes online into different colors especially when you are taking a photo. You can change your eyes to appear blue, green, and brown or even to have animal eyes using the color editor.

Therefore color editor is also away on how to change your eye color. There are so many version of color editors online that you can download for free. The color editor has the following features;

  • Has a variety of realistic eye colors that you can choose from when editing.
  • You are able to share your photos through Instagram, face book and other social networks.
  • You can are able to save the photos on the gallery.
  • It is easy to do photo editing.
  • It has animal eyes, flag eyes cat eyes and other eye effects that you can choose from.
  • You are able to change the size of your eyes, you can make them bigger, smaller or bulge them.
  • Ability to try new colored eye and colored eye lenses.

How to Change your Eye Color in Photoshop

how to change your eye color in photoshop
how to change your eye color in photoshop
  • Find your subject and load it into Photoshop. This could be a simple copy and paste from your browser or opening the file and editing it there.
  • Use the circular marquee tool to generally select the iris area. Use Shift + the marquee tool to add another selection without losing the first one.
  • Press ‘q’ to enter quick mask mode. This will make anything not selected red. Select a good brush size with color black and leave only the iris and pupil not red.
  • Press ‘q’ to exit quick mask mode
  • Make a new Layer without losing your selection
  • choose the color of the new eye color as your foreground color
  • Use the bucket tool to paint the selected area completely in.
  • With the new layer selected, change the blend mode to ‘hue’
  • To give an immortal look made popular by the movie The Immortal, make a new layer with the iris and pupil selected (steps 1 – 4) and fill it with white. Then set the blending mode to overlay or color. Whichever you like best. Edit the opacity of the layer if necessary.
  • To give a possessed look, color the whole iris on the color layer completely black but leave the reflection. Go to the original layer and de-saturate (Ctrl + Shift + U)

Step by step, follow through the below as listed;


  1. Open the photograph in Photoshop.
  2. Click the “Edit in Quick Mask Mode” button from the toolbar.
  3. Choose black as your foreground color. Select the Paint Brush tool and begin painting over the whites of the eyes. As you paint, the color will be a transparent red, indicating where you are painting the mask.
  4. Paint the whites of both eyes until they are completed. If you paint over an area, you can select white as your foreground color to paint back and erase any overlap.
  5. Click the “Edit in Standard Mode” button.
  6. Goo Select > Inverse. The whites of the eyes should now be selected.
  7. Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance. Move the color you desire slider to the right until you get the level of intensity you want. Click OK when you are satisfied (I tend to only go a little bit to make it appear more realistic).
  8. Click Ctrl+D to deselect.
  9. You should now have your photo of a person with changed eyes.

How to Change your Eye Color Temporarily

You can temporarily change your eye color using the following methods;


Contact lenses are suitable when you want to have a different eye color appearance. There are colored contacts you can find from an optometrist or eyeglass shop. For individuals with poor eyesight, there are prescription lenses that you can opt for.

  1. While this is your best option of changing eye color, there are some recommendations:
  2. There are disposable lenses when are suitable for short-term or a few occasions, although they are very expensive.
  3. Different types of lenses have different duration they can take on your eyes. There are those that last for a few days while others more.
  4. You should minimize the amount of time contacts worn on your eyes to avoid side effects such as eye infections.
  5. Make sure you are wearing the right size since blinking of the eye can easily displace the lenses that don’t fit hence making your real iris to be visible.
  6. Contacts need to be cleaned regularly and properly. Dirty contacts can lead to infection of the eye which can cause blindness.
  7. Washing your hands before touching the lenses prevents contamination and infection to the eye.
  8. You can never share contact lenses with anyone.
  9. Never wear contacts more than the recommended duration. It is healthy to take your contacts outs while getting to bed and when going to take a bath, shower or swimming.
  10. Never use expired saline solution to clean the contacts.

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