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Why Is Everyone Mad About War Paint, the New Makeup Brand For Men?

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Nowadays it seems like people are always upset about something, right? You can look online at any given moment and find people completely raging over a variety of topics. From Starbucks cups to Christmas songs, all different people from all different walks of life are quick to go in on just about anything. This week’s biggest controversy has been War Paint, a new makeup brand.

So why all the fuss over a new makeup brand? Is it because the makeup brand isn’t gluten-free? Is it because the makeup brand is offensive in some way? It turns out, people are mad because War Paint is a makeup brand for men. Yes, War Paint has been created specifically for use by males, and people are furious about it. Why exactly though?

Why Are People Mad About War Paint’s Makeup Brand For Men?

war paint makeupWar Paint is a brand new makeup brand that has been formulated specifically for men. It is made with natural ingredients. It is cruelty-free and completely vegan. By all accounts, it looks to be a great product for men who like wearing makeup. While we’re totally okay with War Paint and the idea behind it, a lot of people are all kinds of angry! What’s their deal?

We found that people are mad for a variety of reasons, and they’re people from all different sides of the metaphorical “aisle.” Conservative-minded people are denouncing the makeup for its ideology. More open-minded people are denouncing it for even existing at all. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the argument:

People Are Mad That Men Are Wearing Makeup…

When it comes to more traditional, conservative-minded individuals, they hate War Paint for one specific reason: They don’t believe that men should wear makeup. They feel that makeup is reserved strictly for women and that men shouldn’t engage in anything like wearing it. They also feel that introducing a makeup brand specifically made for men is giving young boys the wrong idea for how a man should be. We’re not here to argue with people who think this way. That’s another argument for another site, honestly.

…and Others Are Mad That Men Need Their Own Makeup Brand

On the other side of the aisle, you have people who are mad that War Paint even exists at all. They’re totally cool with men wearing makeup; they just don’t understand why men need their own makeup brand. After all, when did well-known brands like MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay, Covergirl or others ever declare they were strictly for women. We have yet to hear of one single makeup brand that has been gender exclusive and said that its products are only for females. Men have always had the option to use products from these brands and there is no reason they would need a brand of their own. This is why some people are mad about War Paint. They feel that creating a makeup brand for men specifically only causes further division. They believe that it implies men cannot use the same products as women and vice versa.

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…and One More Thing

The final issue with War Paint is that some people feel it is offensive to the Native American community. This is because the term “war paint” and the very concept of war paint has been historically associated with Native Americans. Using the term to sell cosmetics seems like a slap in the face to Native Americans, who were demonized throughout American history for their beliefs and traditions.

In Conclusion

All in all, we’re not upset about War Paint. We’re cool with men wearing makeup whenever, wherever. If they want to wear War Paint, that’s great! If they want to wear Maybelline or Bare Minerals or Too Faced or anything else, that’s great! Whether or not you’re on board with this new makeup brand is totally up to you, and there’s no wrong answer.

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